10 Interesting Facts About Bananas That You Probably Didn’t Know!

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Toss it in the blender for a delicious smoothie, cut slices and add to a salad or mash it for a delectable healthy dessert; bananas are nature’s way of giving you a sweet treat without any unwanted calories. A staple in most diets, bananas come with a plethora of nutritional benefits and is one of the healthiest fruit that makes an ideal snack.

However, we bet that even though you have loved eating bananas all your life, you still didn’t know about these interesting details on this fruit! Read on and enjoy this article, while you snack on your favourite banana!

1.       Not a tree –

Unlike what you might believe, banana does not grow on trees! Yes, this fruit grows on a plant, better classified as Arborescent Perennial Herb. This makes banana a berry!

2.       Not a bunch –

Since bananas don’t grow on trees, calling a dozen bananas a ‘Bunch of bananas’ is wrong terminology. What it is ideally called is a ‘Hand of banana’ and a single banana is technically called as a ‘finger’. Interesting, isn’t it?

3.       Great for the heart –

We all know that bananas are great for digestion, but did you know that eating bananas promotes better heart health? Even a single banana packs as much as 467mg of the essential Potassium – this nutrient offers you cardiovascular protection. Eating bananas every day reduces risk of strokes, heart diseases, increased blood pressure and even atherosclerosis.

4.       Better mood, more energy –

As banana is rich in natural sugars, it gives your body instant energy boost. This is why athletes love to snack on banana before, during or after their workout sessions. But that isn’t all. Bananas also help to improve your mood! Bananas also have norepinephrine, serotonin and tryptophan – all hormones that prevent against depression and promote a general feeling of well being. Along with that, the Vitamin B content in bananas regulates mood swings and irritability. So the next time you are cranky, don’t resort to stuffing your mouth with chocolates. Resort to the healthy banana and find instant relief!

5.       Better Bone health –

No, banana is not rich in calcium. However, it is rich in fructooligosaccharide. This is a prebiotics and as it ferments in your body, it increases the body’s capacity to absorb calcium. This is why banana milk shakes and smoothies are so good for you!

6.       Perfect Vision –

Unbelievably so, bananas will also improve your vision! In fact, in Nigeria, the local doctors have used banana and an herb named Orinol since ages to treat cataract. But that isn’t all, bananas also protect you against macular degeneration which has been classified as one of the leading causes for vision loss in adults. In fact, experts believe that people who eat 3 bananas a day can reduce their risk against all kinds of vision diminishing diseases out here!

7.       Perfect food for babies –

Depend on the boxed baby formula that your baby doesn’t seem to like too much? Try mashed bananas. These are nature’s very own baby food, as they are digested easily and are the ideal way to move a baby from liquid foods to solid foods.

8.       HIV Protection –

Bananas produce a lection protein named BanLec and a research paper published in March of 2010 in Journal of Biological Chemistry revealed that this lectin has the healing potential to protect those who are HIV positive. This protein which usually binds to sugars also has the potential to bind to cells which have been HIV infected. This stops their replication as well as transmission. Impressed, aren’t you?

9.       Peels that work magic –

It isn’t just the fruit that is great for you; the peels aren’t exactly useless either. In fact, rubbing banana peels to pimples and sores helps them dry out faster. Also, add these banana peels to your rose garden as they work as a miraculous fertilizers1 now you know how to get good health, while also get a great rose garden!

10.   Bananas are cloned too!

Happy o be eating fresh fruit? The saddest fact is that bananas are soon disappearing. Today, most bananas you see in stores are cloned form just one variety called as Cavendish Banana that originates in Southeast Asia. Fungus infestations and poor farming habits are soon wiping out varieties of bananas. So the next time you sit down to relish a banana, remember to savour the flavour a little longer so you can tell future generations about this Golden fruit.


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